Prof. Dr Heinz Bude

Professor of Sociology at the University of Kassel

The speaker has contributed to the following future and past events and has given the following lectures at the Catholic Academy in Bavaria, which we offer for free download.

From the event archive

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An evening of dialogue with the two sociologists Heinz Bude and Armin Nassehi
Medical history-diagnosis-therapies
The two hosts Annette Schavan and Jan-Heiner Tück are looking forward to the well-known sociologist Heinz Bude.

From the media library

Upheavals and the role of education (Dossier)
Sociologists Heinz Bude and Armin Nassehi in dialogue
What holds our society together?
Can the church still be saved?
Heinz Bude
Panel on the topic 'Can the Church still be saved? Anamneses. Diagnoses. Therapies'
Heinz Bude: Can the Church Still Be Saved? - Anamneses, diagnoses, therapies
Hopefully it will remain a stumbling block
Theological tercet with Heinz Bude
Theological trio