Catholic Adult Education

Catholic Adult Education (KEB) is a field of action in its own right. Against the background of its religious-ideological position, it contributes important accents to the social discussion. It sees itself as an independent and equal part of the plural public education system.

Catholic adult education focuses on the human being as a person in the totality of his or her life.

Photo: Daniel KöberleKEB General Assembly

Catholic Adult Education in Bavaria (KEB)

The "Katholische Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Erwachsenenbildung e.V." unites 125 educational institutions from all over Bavaria. The regional office with currently eight employees is located on the premises of the Catholic Academy.

The most important organisational pillar of the KEB in Bavaria is formed by the educational organisations at the level of the city or district. As registered associations they are legally independent. They offer a comprehensive, regionally anchored educational programme that includes initiatives by church communities, associations, educational institutions and individuals. The main areas of the programme are:

  • General education that addresses all questions of personality development from a holistic perspective.
  • Religious education, which aims to impart competences in the intellectual debate as well as the spiritual approach to questions of world interpretation and faith.
  • Political education, which is concerned with understanding the backgrounds and motivations of those acting politically and economically, as well as actively helping to shape social and societal conditions.