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The association "Friends and Patrons of the Catholic Academy in Bavaria e. V." was founded in 1954 and initiated the establishment of a Catholic Academy for the whole of Bavaria. To this day, it promotes the work of the Academy and secures its independence and future.


The success story: believe with understanding!

Our association is older than the Academy. It initiated its establishment. In the autumn of 1954, influential Catholics got together to initiate the foundation of a Catholic Academy for the whole of Bavaria. It was to become a flagship for a Church on the move, learning to understand itself and the world ever better. It was to stimulate social discourse throughout Bavaria: firmly anchored in the faith, scientifically at the cutting edge, as a creative initiator and co-thinker at eye level.

The future perspective: more self-support!

In1962 , the Bavarian Bishops gave the Academy the independence it needs to fulfil its mission. They gave it the legal form of an independent foundation and do not exert any influence on the content of its work. To this day, the Academy is mainly supported by grants from the Freising Bishops' Conference. But in turbulent times, as the Church has to prepare for financial slumps, the other pillars of funding become increasingly important.

The order of the day: help now!

Through your membership you secure the future and independence of the Academy. And you become part of a large family that values a lived faith with an alert mind and shared thoughtfulness.  

Your chance: strategic promotion!

  • The association goes new ways to reach people. It helps to document the Academy's impulses in an appealing way and to make them available for discussion in multimedia form.
  • It enables a pricing policy that makes it easier for younger people in particular to access the Academy's offerings.
  • It strengthens the role of art in the life of the Academy through exhibitions and accompanying flyers.
  • He co-finances the opening of the Guardini Archive for study purposes.

Our thank you: membership in action!

Members receive the journal "zur debatte" either in print or online. They are invited annually to special evening events as well as to a meeting at which reports on the work of the association and the academy are presented.

Georg Fahrenschon, Chairman

Former Minister of State

Daniela Philippi M.A., Deputy Chairperson

Journalist, former government spokesperson

Dirk Reinhard

Deputy Managing Director of the Munich Re Foundation

Dr Paul Siebertz

Former member of the Executive Board of HypoVereinsbank

PD Dr Achim Budde, Managing Director

Director of the Catholic Academy in Bavaria