The brains behind the academy

The team of over 50 employees is passionately committed to providing enriching stays for our guests.

Dr Achim Budde

Academy Director

Dr Astrid Schilling

Head of Programme & Documentation / Head of Studies: Theology, Ecumenism, Literature, Film Work

Benita Bockholt

Editorial office "zur Debatte", media centre

Cornelia Brotzeller


Dr Martin Dabrowski

Director of Studies: Business, Social Ethics, Ecology, Media, Digital Transformation

Dominik Fröhlich (currently on parental leave)

Director of Studies: Philosophy, Literature, Romano Guardini

Sophia Haggenmüller

Director of Studies: Social Media, Society

Corana Hoffmann

Event organisation processing

Dr Stephanie Janz

Director of Studies

Dr Katharina Löffler

Director of Studies

Dr Johannes Schießl

Director of Studies: Church and Society, Philosophy, Music, Medicine

Dr Alexander Seibold

Media Officer

Dr Robert Walser

Director of Studies: History, Editorial Director "zur Debatte", Media Centre

Peter Ziegler

Staff position communication

Alexander Wilhelm

Division Manager: Conference Centre and Guest House

Jane Benjamin


Sylke Grünwald

Head of Reservation and Reception

Claudia Mattejat


Tobias Mayer


Cornelia Pomierski


Reiner Witzenberger

Head of Finance & Personnel

Sabine Suitner-Miller

Commercial management

Margarete Früh


Anamaria Jieanu


Yevheniia Semenchuk


Susanne Kellner

Head of Housekeeping & Kitchen

Marijan Srsa

Deputy Head of Housekeeping

Gerhard Schlierf


Sihan Khan

Deputy chef

Gerhard Schlierf


Team Kitchen

Susanne Kellner

Head of Housekeeping & Kitchen

Team Service

Susanne Kellner

Head of Housekeeping & Kitchen

Cleaning team
N.N. (Currently not occupied)

N.N. (Currently not occupied)

Head of Technology & Buildings