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Happiness - Philosophical Days 2015

Philosophical Days
Thursday, 08.10. - Saturday, 10.10.2015

Associated media

Happiness in Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas
Measuring Happiness - Economic Happiness Research Put to the Test
It is only up to us - Happiness in the Stoa and Epicurus
The longing for eternal bliss
On Happiness and Morality - John Stuart Mill's Response to Kant
Dialogue about happiness
Annemarie Pieper: The longing for eternal bliss

Other current events

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Thursday, 11.07.2024
With the opportunity to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Augsburg Water Management System"
Friday, 19.07.2024
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Political and economic impact on Europe and worldwide
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"Summer Night of the Arts" with Professors Michael Hartmann, Margareta Hürholz and Markus Willinger
Oren Rozen
With Prof Dr Moshe Zimmermann
Leonhard Lenz
Democracy at the end!