Historical Days 2015 - Break-offs and departures

Historical Days in cooperation with the Deutsches Museum
Wednesday, 18.02. - Friday, 20.02.2015

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From the French Revolution to the Congress of Vienna
The long 19th century and the First World War
The Social Question as a Core Problem of the 19th Century
History as a substitute religion?
The unfolding of bourgeois society
Confrontation with modernity

Other current events

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Guardini Day
POSTPONED to 17-19 February 2025
Wednesday, 12.06. - Friday, 14.06.2024
Democracy at the end!
Monday, 17.06.2024
With Prof Dr Moshe Zimmermann
Monday, 24.06.2024
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The organ
"Summer Night of the Arts" with Professors Michael Hartmann, Margareta Hürholz and Markus Willinger
Tuesday, 25.06.2024

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