Historical Days 2018

Historical days: We meet personalities from the first German democracy such as Hjalmar Schacht, Otto Braun, Ludwig Kaas, Max Plank and Albert Einstein.
Wednesday, 14.02. - Saturday, 17.02.2018

Associated media

Otto Braun - "The Red Tsar of Prussia
Max Planck and Albert Einstein - Two revolutionaries of physics
The dispute over Alfred Döblin's metropolitan novel Berlin Alexanderplatz
Gustav von Kahr in the mirror of his memoirs
On the role of Ludwig Kaas in so-called political Catholicism
The Influence of Folk Writers in the Weimar Republic
Ellen Ammann - women's rights activist and pioneer of social work
Kurt von Schleicher, Gregor Strasser and Crown Prince Wilhelm against Hitler
Weimar minds

Other current events

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The organ
"Summer Night of the Arts" with Professors Michael Hartmann, Margareta Hürholz and Markus Willinger
Tuesday, 25.06.2024

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