Historical Days 2018

Historical days: We meet personalities from the first German democracy such as Hjalmar Schacht, Otto Braun, Ludwig Kaas, Max Plank and Albert Einstein.
Wednesday, 14.02. - Saturday, 17.02.2018

Associated media

Otto Braun - "The Red Tsar of Prussia
Max Planck and Albert Einstein - Two revolutionaries of physics
The dispute over Alfred Döblin's metropolitan novel Berlin Alexanderplatz
Gustav von Kahr in the mirror of his memoirs
On the role of Ludwig Kaas in so-called political Catholicism
The Influence of Folk Writers in the Weimar Republic
Ellen Ammann - women's rights activist and pioneer of social work
Kurt von Schleicher, Gregor Strasser and Crown Prince Wilhelm against Hitler
Weimar minds

Other current events

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by Adam Elsheimer, 1609
Harald Lesch and Wilhelm Vossenkuhl speak at the invitation of the Görres Society and the Catholic Academy
By Joseph Karl Stieler
Church musician Frank Höndgen presents the masterpiece
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