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Theological trio special

Annette Schavan Jan-Heiner Tück Guest: Rudolf Voderholzer, Bishop of Regensburg
Sunday, 16.04.2023
Annette Schavan / Laurence Chaperon - Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer / Diocese of Regensburg - Jan-Heiner Tück / Private

Annette Schavan and Jan-Heiner Tück invite the Bishop of Regensburg, Dr Rudolf Voderholzer, as a discussion guest to pay tribute to the academic work of the late Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who as Archbishop of Munich and Freising was the protector of our house from 1977 to 1982. Books on church politics and theology by Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI are discussed.

In cooperation with the Institute Pope Benedict XVI, the Academic Forum Albertus Magnus Regensburg and the KEB Regensburg we cordially invite you to this event!

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Datum und Uhrzeit Sunday, 16.04.2023, 19.00

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Theological trio special
Joseph Ratzinger - scientist and man
Theological books of the Pope em.
Panel on the topic 'The Theology of Joseph Ratzinger

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