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Literary evening with Petra Morsbach and Erich Garhammer

Reading and conversation
Thursday, 09.11.2023
Susanne Geier

Using three examples from the political and cultural spheres, the multi-award-winning author Petra Morsbach identifies and analyses the abuse of power in her essay "The Elephant in the Room", published in 2020. Guided by a cool interest in knowledge, the author writes a plea for criticism and gives the reader recommendations on how to proceed against the abuse of power.

This Literary Evening, moderated by Prof. em. Dr. Erich Garhammer, will take place within the framework of the Theological Days on the topic of "Omnipotence, Power and Powerlessness" (9 to 11 November), which have been jointly initiated with Fort- und Weiterbildung Freising.

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Datum und Uhrzeit Thursday, 09.11.2023, 19.00

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