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Omnipotence, power and powerlessness

Theological days on a multi-layered theme
Thursday, 09.11. - Saturday, 11.11.2023
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The topic of power is on everyone's lips: it describes relationships, influence, dependencies. Power is associated with someone who has it and exercises it, and someone whom it influences. Power is an issue in gender relations, in organisations and in labour relations. Power has something to do with culture, identity and meaning.

The Theological Days 2023 open up the possibility to deal with the ambivalence and dynamics of power. Based on a fundamental socio-ethical, biblical-theological, philosophical, historical and sociological classification, questions of domination, emancipation, abuse of power and resistance will also be addressed.

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Datum und Uhrzeit Thursday, 09.11.2023, 15.00 Uhr

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