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We can still cancel that, can't we?

Perspectives on Political Correctness, Wokeness, Identity Politics and Cancel Culture
Monday, 12.06.2023

A heated discussion has been going on for some time about the terms "political correctness", "wokeness", "identity politics" and "cancel culture". In general and in a positive sense, this refers to efforts not to name or treat other people in a discriminatory, exclusionary or offensive way.
Our conference on Monday, 12 June, will explore the following questions, among others: How far does the legitimate concern of Wokeness to take sides with the oppressed and disadvantaged go? What role do Christian values such as charity, justice or the option for the weak play in this? But where do the exaggerations of a Cancel Culture begin, which in turn become intolerant and hinder an open social discourse?
The Catholic Academy in Bavaria, the Chairs of Fundamental Theology and Moral Theology at the LMU Munich and the KHG at the LMU Munich cordially invite you to the conference and to the joint discussion!

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Chairs of Fundamental Theology and Moral Theology at the LMU Munich; KHG at the LMU Munich

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Datum und Uhrzeit Monday, 12.06.2023, 10.00

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