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Diversity will set you free!

Relational Ethical Perspectives in Society, Church and Armed Forces
Tuesday, 10.10.2023
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One of the most exciting questions of our time is certainly that of the right understanding of sexual identity and orientation. The strictly heteronormative sexual morality of earlier times, which was often a reflection of rigorous church guidelines, has increasingly lost credibility over the last fifty years. The accompanying changes led to far-reaching upheavals in society, the church and the armed forces. This revealed a diversity of human sexuality that goes hand in hand with a multitude of anthropological and ethical questions.

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The main lecture of the event can be followed via livestream on the YouTube channel of the Catholic Academy in Bavaria: med. Dr theol. Dirk Fischer, Scientific Director and Head of the Institute for Military Medical Ethics of the Bundeswehr at the Bundeswehr Medical Academy in Munich

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Datum und Uhrzeit Tuesday, 10.10.2023, 16.00

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Diversity will set you free!
Diversity will set you free!
Dirk Fischer: Diversity will set you free!
An ethical perspective on relationships in society, the church and the Bundeswehr

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