Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hubert Wolf

The speaker has contributed to the following future and past events and has given the following lectures at the Catholic Academy in Bavaria, which we offer for free download.

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Pius XII / Wikimedia Commons
The letters of supplication from persecuted Jews to Pope Pius XII.
A think tank on the future of the church / Photo Galina Tolochko - alamy stock
In cooperation with the Institute of Contemporary History Munich/Berlin, the Seminar for Medieval and Modern Church History of the University of Münster and the Archbishop's Archives Munich
Series "Participation" III - Evening event
Series "Participation" III - Evening event

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"Holy Father, save us!"
Hubert Wolf: The 'Asking the Pope for Help' Research Project
Panel on the 'Asking the Pope for Help' research project
The return to the reform debate
Faulhaber Diaries 1945
Against senseless slaughter