Dr Achim Budde

Academy Director Catholic Academy in Bavaria, Munich

The speaker has contributed to the following future and past events and has given the following lectures at the Catholic Academy in Bavaria, which we offer for free download.

Current events

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Professionals against amateurs!
Liturgy between quality and empowerment with a special focus on the Anglican Church
Thursday, 24.10. - Saturday, 26.10.2024

From the event archive

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... as an opportunity for the economy and companies!
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Panel discussion on the 2024 European elections
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An evening of dialogue with the two sociologists Heinz Bude and Armin Nassehi
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Cardinal Wetter Prize of the Catholic Academy in Bavaria
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With Bernhard Anuth, Julia Knop, Johannes Norpoth and Manuela Stötzel

From the media library

Tolerance and migration: a plea for different priorities
Ecumenical Prize 2023 (dossier)
Unity that loves diversity
Tackling societal challenges
Abuse - and no end? - Questions and answers
Abuse - and no end? - Interim balance of the experts
Abuse - and no end?
Panel on the topic 'Abuse - and no end? Interim balance sheet
Welcome and introduction
The relevance of art in the "human system"
Food Art (Dossier)
Being human with AI