Prof. Dr Wolfgang Augustyn

Deputy Director of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte (retired), Munich

The speaker has contributed to the following future and past events and has given the following lectures at the Catholic Academy in Bavaria, which we offer for free download.

Current events

Picture of Michelangelo
The prophecies of the Sibyls
"Cantus München" sings the work by Orlando di Lasso
Thursday, 21.03.2024

From the event archive

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The Sistine Madonna (detail) Angel. Picture credits: bpk / Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden / Elke Estel / Hans-Peter Klut
Biblical Days 2019
Evening lecture as part of the Biblical Days
Conference - OUT OF BUSINESS!
Evening event

From the media library

Foundations - a world apart
Myth David
Mephisto theologically
Images of Man in the Reformation