Prof. Dr Herfried Münkler

Political scientist, Berlin

The speaker has contributed to the following future and past events and has given the following lectures at the Catholic Academy in Bavaria, which we offer for free download.

From the event archive

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Meeting of the Association of Friends and Patrons of the Academy
© Ion Laser, Wikimedia Commons
Herfried Münkler on the Ukraine war and its consequences for Europe
Why it lasted so long, and why we should expect wars of this kind to return in the 21st century
Evening lecture within the framework of the Historical Days
Historic days
Evening lecture Prof. Dr Herfried Münkler, Berlin

From the media library

Is Democracy in Danger? An analysis by Herfried Münkler!
Is democracy in danger?
Is democracy in danger?
Is democracy in danger?
Herfried Münkler: New World Order
New World Order?
The Thirty Years' War of the 17th Century